Women's Technology Series

By Heard-Craig Center for the Arts (other events)

10 Dates Through Jun 26, 2017

From January through June, 2017, the Heard-Craig will host a Women's Technology Series to teach a variety of computer, security, and hand-held device workshops.    Each workshop is $10 ad held in the Carriage House.   No advance reservations are required but reservations are encouraged in the event the sessions fill up.   March 6 ISearching and Locating);  March 20 (Social Media);  April 3 (Apps and Music);  May 1 (Scanning, Storing, and preserving information); May 15 (Security); June 12 (On-line learning); and June 26 (Communication Tools/Facetime, Skype, Constant Contact, Surveys).   


Bring a handheld device (iPad, iphone, etc.)

Mailing Address

205 W Hunt Street McKinney, Texas 75069